How eligible are you for a medical supplement plan

Well, we are all talking about Medigap plans in 2019 but do we know who is qualified to get the plans. Different factors are brought together and who is eligible for a supplement plan is dependent on various factors. In this article we will look at who can apply and also look into the time which is appropriate for you to apply. This will help you realize if you are in the age bracket for applying or the exceptions that can be taken when you want to apply.

Age and medical conditions

The main factor to consider and see if you are eligible is age. The supplement plan is given to someone who has reached 65 years or above and previously had the original Medicare plans that is, part A and B. For those who are under the age of 65 you may apply for the supplement plans however the chance varies between different states. Another consideration that may come up for people under 65 is, when you have medical conditions or disabilities that require you to look for a supplement plan.

The enrollment period of the applicant

As mentioned above, the supplement plans are mainly for people who are over 65. However what is not mentioned is that you are more eligible during the six month period of your 65th year than any other period. Why more eligible? It is because when you apply during this period then companies cannot later charge you extra because of a developed health issue. However, if you apply later then they have the power to charge you extra after forcing you to undergo medical underwriting to determine your medical conditions.

Additional Medicare plans

The first thing about additional Medicare plans is that if you have a Medicare advantage plan then it is illegal when someone sells you Medicare supplement plans. This is because you cannot work with both of them at the same time. For the second plan that is Medicaid only very few people are termed as eligible for both of the plans. However originally the two do not work together because the insurance of supplement plans can only pay for original Medicare plans.

The stated factors to consider above are just an overview of many things that companies consider before giving you a supplement plan. For more information going into companies which offer the service will give you in details what is required before you apply.  Something else to note is that Medicare plans also vary between different states so consult your state health consultant and get to understand the requirements the state requires from you.